I've known Anthony for nearly sixteen years. From the careless Emo Era (where we both devoured endless bottles of cheap Live Colour Dye and black eyeliner) right up to responsible adulthood....well almost responsible!

Sarah had met Ant through the theatre company they were both part of near Northfleet, Kent. When we first met in 2012, like an overprotective sister I went through every question under the sun with Sarah, but very soon we blended like white chocolate and raspberries!

When I found out that Ant had proposed to Sarah during their holiday in Rome I practically did a backflip. When they asked me to be their Wedding Photographer I welled up. What a joyful honour this was.

I was going to be shooting my best friend's....no two of my best friends' wedding! it was an even bigger surprise when they asked me if i wanted to be a bridesmaid as well!

The wedding took place at the Little Silver Country Hotel in Tenterden. I planned a detailed schedule leading up to the big day, I included specific times that I needed to be ready. I made sure that my hair, make up, and dress was on before everyone else.  After I was ready, I shot all the details first such as the brides' shoes, flowers and dress. I also took lots of candid shots of the Bride and Bridesmaids all being made up, laughing and simply having a whale of a time.

I was wearing two pairs of shoes for the day. I had my bridesmaid heels for the ceremony, and then my Vans shoes for right after. As I was charging around and shooting for a majority of the day, I felt it was important to have some comfy shoes as a back up.

Did I have help? Of course I did, my wedding partner in crime Ashley was like Superman! We've been collaborating together on weddings for nearly 7 years. For Ant and Sarah, he was doing the videography, photographing the ceremony and some candid shots during the reception. He filmed the groomsmen while I was photographing the girls get ready. When it came to group shots that I was supposed to be in (including the bridesmaids), he staged and directed and snapped.

Bridesmaid aside, if you end up having a videographer/second shooter as well, communication is very important. Try and meet as much as you can before the wedding to plan your schedule together so that you both know exactly where you need to be throughout the day. Choose your shooting points, especially if there's videography so that you don't get in the way. If you're having a meal with the guests, it's important to have snacks as well, as shooting a wedding for the whole day takes up a lot of energy and builds quite an appetite.

At the end, although Ash and I were both shattered, everything for Ant and Sarah went splendidly!