It’s a little strange, but most of my inspiration comes from punk rock and grunge music – where a story or an idea simply flashes into my head. It was punk and performing arts that inspired me to shoot in a fun reportage style when it came to weddings. Often I like to give my own little sprinkle of quirks to give the photos that extra bit of fun and realism – from custom Polaroid frames, to popping candy, to trashing the dress, to bridesmaids beating the ushers at handling the sharp taste of sourball sweets, to recreating iconic film scenes – you name it!

I live right on the tips of Kent and London in the little village of Bexley with my family and Cat. I am usually found editing in my attic room with David Bowie records soothing my sanity – with a pyramid of stolen tea mugs next to me. In my spare time I do voice work on a radio comedy show with three of my talented friends and occasionally perform poetry and sing at open mic nights. I also love to attend conventions such as LFCC and MCM Comic Con where I have many fun shoots on the side with cosplayers.

You may have guessed but as much as I love my rock music, nothing can beat sitting in a cool cafe in Camden, sipping coffee with some good Jazz playing.

 I’m currently putting together a little Etsy shop to sell some of my fashion photos.

I dream of one day going to New York or owning a house in Devon.

Aside from Weddings, the loves in my life are  Blackadder, builders teagin and tartan.