What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare...

A couple of weeks ago, I had the thrilling opportunity to shoot once again with the delightful models George and Lianna. We had previously collaborated last year in November, where we did a quirky boudoir shoot at the spectacular Gods Own Junkyard (a Neon fanatic's Utopia! Don't worry I'll write about this shoot very soon.), and was incredibly excited when they got in touch and asked if I'd be up for working with them all again. This time we were going to be shooting in the surrounding areas of Gunnersbury Park. Widely known for it's magnificent 18th Century Architecture, as we explored every nook and cranny, each design was so different, that I could scarcely tell whether I was time-warped into a Jane Austin Novel - or on holiday in an affluent Italian garden.

The girls knew exactly what dresses to feature in this location. We shot five pieces, each designed by Rosie Red Corsetry, whose bohemian and luxurious corsets, robes and bridal couture will have you feeling like an enchanted princess. I had previously used Rosie's Robes before on a Rockabilly shoot last summer, and shot her dresses a few times since - one of the times at God's Own Junkyard with the girls. I jumped up and down like Tigger, when George pulled out Rosie's newest Bridal Gown, a billowed skirt of deep rouge flowed before my eyes, accompanied with a busty corset of red and white rose patterns. The Queen of Hearts had come out to play!

This was not only my first post-lockdown shoot, but it was also the first time that was shooting on my Canon 5D Mark lll (I'm afraid after 6 years, my poor 6D kicked the bucket), and after skimming through many video reviews, I was feeling pretty confident. I was absolutely astonished when I looked back at the results during our breaks. I had never seen my photos look so crisp, so beautifully compositioned and vibrant! What a brilliant start into the rest of the year!

Models: Fuller Figure Fuller Bust & Lianna Haynes

Dresses, Robes and Corsets by Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture