When it comes to being the photographer at a wedding, in your mind you're conscious about capturing the most memorable, beautiful and intimate photos for your bride, groom and their families to cherish forever. If I'm honest, I'm 100% certain us 'togs ALL feel like this. If you start feel like you want to make your photos a bit more funkadelic, improvising with different props can definitely bring some ultra-fun to the day. Below is a list of tried and true prop ideas that are sure to spice up any photo.

Sourball Sweets/Popping Candy

For those who already follow my Facebook Page and Instagram, you will know that the signature props I use for many of my weddings are the famous Mega Sour Sweets. This idea came from a photography blog I read a few years ago on Bored Panda; The Taser Photoshoot: Portraits Of People’s Faces When Hit With A Stun Gun.

The title itself says it all. Over 100 volunteers, putting themselves through minutes of torture of reacting to being tasered - their expressions hilariously captured and directed by Patrick Hall. This project is what I could describe as a work of undeniable genius.

'If only I can do something like that with Weddings - except not with a Taser,' I mumbled to myself. Then it hit me. Five years and over 10 bags of Mega Sours later, I have never looked back. These devilish delights have tempted almost every guest to the challenge. I've captured expressions from a squad of squinting macho groomsmen, to gurgling bridesmaids, to giggling children. This is no joke, these sweets are the godfather of tart, so to avoid any unwanted chaos, please make sure that you tell your clients first how sour they are before you do your photo set.

If you want to go a level down - Popping Candy is just as fun - but not as terrifying - and more tasty!

Polaroids and Cutouts

Buy it or make it, a giant personalised Polaroid cut out is a fabulous photo op with the newlyweds and the guests to really have some laughs! You can buy these frames from sites such as Etsy or Amazon. If you feel like being creative and making your own, you can easily buy these giant white mounts from Hobbycraft. All you need after that is a black marker, a sharp knife and steady hand, some charming handwriting and a tonne of patience. It's worth the wait!

These are adorable. Polaroid photos are a simple something that can give that little extra vintage charm you were looking for your big day. That sweet mixed blend of modern and timeless.


An irresistible pack that will bring out anyone's inner-child. Why not hand out these simple little gifts to your guests just before the Ceremony, for shots like this.

These photo sets are fun, but they do involve taking many duplicate shots and the odds are out of the 20 you took - one or two of these will be the money shots!

Bubbles along with confetti and petals add a touch of something a little extra special with the way they glisten and sparkle in the light. They also give the chance for everyone to go completely crazy during the big group shot. Turning something formal into something joyful!

Smoke Bombs

Many of us have seen Smoke Bombs/Grenades being used at weddings and events around the world. Over the past couple of year's they've become the thing to use if you want to add a more mystical and dramatic effect to your photos. Not only do they bring a more unique look, but they really do make your photos look FANTASTIC! Don't worry, after facing my fears, I eventually found out that these are perfectly safe to use. You can get smoke bombs from Amazon and if you're feeling a little nervous about using them, you can watch this tutorial here.

Important Points:

When it comes to using smoke bombs for your wedding pictures you will need to take permission from your wedding venue. Coloured smoke bombs especially, can leave behind the stains, and no venue would want to deal with those stains later. So, they may not permit you to use smoke bombs at the wedding due to maybe a bad incident that involved these. However, some places may still allow you to use them, providing that you do these photos in an area where there's open space and a great distance away from the venue.

Always check where the direction of the wind is going. There is nothing more disappointing than preparing the most captivating picture of the day, and to have the smoke go in the opposite direction. Its very sad.

And finally. Practice using these before the day to build up your confidence if you're a first timer. After that, have fun!